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With their pristine appearance and easy maintenance, frameless showers are quickly growing in demand and popularity throughout North Texas. Now more than ever, Dallas homeowners are replacing their conventional framed showers for sleek, modern frameless glass shower doors. Additionally, those seeking to buy a new home want them too—which makes frameless glass showers a fantastic home value investment opportunity.

Made with 100% glass, frameless shower doors provide a sleek and polished addition to even an existing shower enclosure. As they don’t need frames, frameless glass shower doors easily swing open and shut with special hardware and strong hinges for a sturdy installation. In fact, frameless glass doors last longer than traditional shower curtains, and require very little maintenance. 

And now, you can have them installed at a price lower than ever.

At Instock Glass, we purchase our high-quality tempered glass in bulk—which means our custom frameless shower and bathtub installations are faster and more affordable than anywhere else on the market.

Customize Your Frameless Shower Enclosure

With Instock Glass, you can fully customize your frameless glass shower enclosure. Without being confined to a limited array of mass-produced enclosures, you can put together your ideal glass shower enclosure to best fit your home and lifestyle.

Whether a grand setup or a minimal enclosure, we’ll work with you to find the best glass shower solution for your home. Instock Glass takes into consideration everything surrounding your shower enclosure, including any tile designs or decor that can be best showcased with dazzling frameless glass.

Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

Along with the aesthetic appeal and financial investment to your home value, frameless shower doors come with many other benefits—such as minimizing mold buildup.

Frameless shower door enclosures minimize the number of areas that collect water and promote mold growth. Unlike conventional framed showers, frameless glass shower doors don’t have seals that trap moisture and various mildew particles. These risky areas disappear with frameless, seamless glass doors and allow for full ventilation and clean function—not to mention easy maintenance.

For a free quote, simply send us a pic of your shower enclosure via text or email. If we need more information on rough measurements and sizing, we’ll let you know after getting a good idea of your area. 

After some analyzing we’ll give you an estimate over the phone or email, along with any additional information you’ll need to move forward with your frameless glass enclosure installation. Instock Glass makes sure you don’t wait long before you get an exact quote on what it’ll take to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

Instock Glass sends one of our highly trained professionals to you to take measurements for the custom glass. They take into consideration the entire room as well as any tile installations and combinations for your sleek frameless glass enclosure. Once we’ve come to the perfect solution, we proceed with installing your breathtaking glass shower enclosure.

Frameless Glass Enclosure Maintenance

Beyond the beautiful and modern design, frameless glass shower doors are very easy to clean and maintain. Follow our simple cleaning tips to maintain a polished, clean frameless glass shower enclosure.
Daily cleaning: use a simple squeegee (or any other effective cleaning object) to wipe down the inside of the frameless door as often as desired.
Deep cleaning: any glass cleaner works, as well as natural cleaners like white vinegar. Basic cleaners remove soap scum and prevent mold build up. Apply to the inside of the door and spray with water to rinse.
For any cracks: since frameless shower enclosures are made of 100% glass, cracks are possible. However, simply give us a call and we’ll send a professional out immediately.

Instock Glass

Our fast and affordable frameless glass shower enclosure installations ensure quality at the best prices. Homeowners throughout Dallas and Collin County are transforming their bathrooms into dream getaways at prices that can’t be beat. To learn more about our shower, bath or tile installations contact us for a free quote today.

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