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Uniquely Custom Glass Enclosures and Mirrors in McKinney, TX

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If you have been thinking about adding a fresh new look to your bathroom and shower area, a custom glass shower enclosure or frameless mirror is a great starting point. Instead of ugly plastic curtains or old doors, installing a frameless shower enclosure or door can create a stylish and exciting look that allows you to enjoy time in the bathroom instead of counting the seconds until you can get out. If your mirror feels too small or is starting to get dirty, then it’s time to think about installing a frameless mirror that can brighten your day and help you see your latest fashion or hairstyle more clearly!

 At Instock Glass, McKinney, TX, our team supports residents of DFW Metroplex to install custom glass in their homes for a variety of applications, including frameless shower doors, unique glass enclosures, and frameless mirrors for your bathroom or shower area. According to many people, one of the worst things about their time taking a shower is the feeling of being trapped in a small room. However, with a frameless shower door or a custom glass enclosure, you can enjoy the feeling of having a clear view of the room while protecting the area with a high-quality waterproof surface.

 Sometimes a shower area does not match the standard dimensions of pre-made doors and frames. In most cases, this is an architectural decision, but it can be a daunting problem if you are considering replacing or modifying your bathroom space. There are other times when you feel ready for a new look that can help your bathroom area feel more open or modern. Whatever the reason, a custom glass solution is a great way to ensure a bold aesthetic change to your bathroom that you can be proud of.

Our Custom Glass Solutions and Services

The system we’ve developed allows residents of Dallas / Fort Worth, TX to easily work with us to install new custom glass solutions in their bath and shower area, and best of all its very simple. Starting from sending us contact information and photos of your room with some basic dimensions, we can work with you to find the perfect solution that meets your expectations and budget. To ensure that we can do everything right for you, we also take the time to properly measure the space in your home and to talk with you about the project to get a clear understanding of your vision.

Our services include:

  • Frameless Bathroom Mirrors – – If you’ve been on the search for ways to add more mirror space to your bathroom, or if you need to replace an existing mirror that isn’t working the way you’d like, a frameless mirror is the right solution for you.
  • Customized Shower Doors – If you are already planning to replace an existing shower door, or if you’re just on the lookout for a new creative solution for the space, our team can help. We can find a style and design that is a perfect fit for your needs and budget and add fresh modern style to your shower area.
  • Shower Enclosure Remodels – If you want to open up the shower area and give your bathroom a new look, we can work with you to design a unique glass cabinet for your shower area that looks and feels just the way you want.

A Modern Look and Fresh Style for You and Your Home

As a leader in custom glass solutions for your bathroom, our experienced team of professional custom glass installers is always ready to work with homeowners throughout the DFW Metroplex, including McKinney, TX to find the perfect look and style for the bathroom of your dreams. We have access to a wide range of glass and hardware options so we can help you create an aesthetic appearance that you can be proud of. 

Instead of feeling uncomfortable when showing your bathroom to others or feeling trapped in the room every time you try to use your shower, you can add a brighter and more open space that will surely impress your guests and give you the relaxation you deserve. By taking the time to work with you and gain a clear understanding of your expectations, your vision, and your budget, we can help you develop a custom style that will make your dreams come true.

The most popular bathroom designs in the world include frameless mirrors, special glass doors and glass enclosures for your shower area. Because this design offers a clear view of the space and high-quality protection against water leaks, you can create the style of shower you want instead of sighing every time you enter or feeling forced to remove water from the area around your shower. 

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