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Custom Bathroom Mirrors

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Whether to make a room appear larger or you simply want a full-length mirror, Instock Glass has high-quality mirrors for any custom installation. Instock Glass of Dallas, Frisco, Plano and McKinney imports the highest quality glass and mirrors in bulk so our installations are the most affordable on the market.

We understand that feeling of something missing from a room, but not being able to put a finger on it. Instock Glass is here to tell you that a large custom mirror is precisely what’s missing. Whether the bathroom, living room or bedroom, a custom glass mirror brightens up the entire space and completes the picture (figuratively and literally—they do help make the best selfies).

Custom Bathroom Mirrors

Complete your room with a breathtaking custom bathroom mirror shaped and cut just for you. Instock Glass creates and installs custom bathroom mirrors of any size and shape for any home. Whether tall or wide with round or square edges, Instock Glass comes to you and installs custom-made mirrors throughout Dallas, Frisco, McKinney and Plano.

Give us your exact idea of the perfect mirror for you—is it for a home gym, closet or bathroom? A professional with Instock Glass comes to you for free to gather information, along with any necessary measurements to start working on your custom mirror.

A regular mirror with a regular frame can take away from a room, while a sleek custom glass mirror adds depth, brightness and space. Instock Glass is the premier glass and mirror installation company in Dallas and can meet any custom requests. A custom mirror made with the highest quality glass is a beautiful addition to any wall, and we ensure fast, professional installation.

Custom Mirror Installation

A custom mirror is especially ideal for small homes and spaces, where an installation will immediately brighten the room and make it look bigger. Instock Glass has perfected the process for delivering perfect custom-made bathroom mirrors throughout Dallas, Plano, Frisco and McKinney.

  • Send us a pic: simply email or text us a pic of where you want your custom mirror, including some rough opening sizes and walls. If we need more information on rough measurements and sizing, we’ll let you know after getting a good idea of your area.
  • Choose your style: our extensive experience with many different styles of glass mirrors allow us to help you choose the ideal custom mirror. We work with you to find the perfect shape and fit that makes your bathroom brighter and bigger.
  • We give you a rough estimate: after gathering the basic information we need, we give you an estimate over the phone for your custom mirror installation. We’ll list any additional information needed to move forward with your custom glass mirror installation. Instock Glass makes sure you don’t wait long for a quote so you can get your dream custom mirror fast.
  • We come measure for glass: an experienced professional with Instock Glass will come to you whenever convenient to take measurements for your custom mirror. Our highly trained professionals prepare for the custom glass mirror installation and take into consideration the entire room. Once we come to the perfect solution, we proceed installing your breathtaking custom glass mirror. Instock Glass ensures a perfect fit for any room or space, tailored to your exact needs.
  • Glass is installed: we deliver only the highest-quality glass for our custom mirror installations. Our installers handle your glass mirror with care throughout the entire installation process to complete your bathroom with your new dream mirror.

Instock Glass is the custom glass and mirror company of Dallas, Frisco, Plano and McKinney. We offer complete custom glass mirror designs for any bathroom space throughout Dallas at the most affordable costs available. Our large selection of glass and mirror options makes it easy for anyone to get started with their custom bathroom mirror.

Free Quote for a Custom Mirror

We provide free quotes and estimates for custom mirror installations in Dallas. Our highly-trained professionals will come to you after inspecting some pictures of your wall for the perfect bathroom mirror installation. We make our free quotes as easy and fast as possible, so you can get your custom glass mirror with low hassle.

Instock Glass

Our fast and affordable custom glass mirror installations ensure high quality at low prices. Homeowners throughout Dallas, Plano, Frisco and McKinney are making their bathrooms bigger and brighter with modern custom mirrors. In addition to our custom glass mirrors, Instock Glass also designs and installs frameless glass showers and doors to transform any bathroom. To learn more about our custom bathroom mirrors or frameless glass showers, contact us today.

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